When I began to study photography I didn’t own a camera. I flunked my first course under what came to be one of my favorite professors. He asked me how I planned to pass a class in photography without the one thing you have to have access to. It was one of my first lessons in how things work in the real world. I came to appreciate that conversation once I was able to not take it personally any longer. Once I got a camera and retook this class, I struggled for almost an entire semester to understand how to properly expose the film I was using. (Tri-x 400) after countless rolls  of wasted film I finally started to get images. From that point on I couldn’t stop. I was addicted to the process. Whole nights even on weekends in the school dark room trying capture everything beautiful or ugly, whichever was the most satisfying to me. This image was from an assignment where we were challenged by simply being told to photograph light. With no other instructions, just “photograph light.” Initially the questions I asked myself just made it worse. The more images I made, the more I missed the point. One day in the middle of this, while walking out of the library I looked up from my feet and noticed how the light fell unto, into, and around spaces and objects. I immediately. loaded film into my camera and I know other students outside the library must have believed I was nuts. I don’t know how many rolls I took but this was the image that summed up what I wanted from that time. Its not an incredible image, but it has a story.  

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