"The Upstroke" Sip n Paint Memphis

” What I want is for as many people as possible to see their own greatness when they draw and paint something with their own hands that they never imagined themselves being able to paint.
 I love seeing people forget about the doubts they had coming in and realizing they can do anything with the right plan to guide them. They can go anywhere if they have the right map. 
 Everyone has a greatness inside them. And just like works of art, we don’t have to be perfect, we just need to shine in our own way.” 
Push Pull Arts offers beginner level lessons and beginner level classes in drawing,  painting and other fine arts.
Tapping into stress relieving creativity and getting familiar with your own potential for greatness are two of the most important parts of self care.
Our small group lessons and classes not only train serious aspiring artist, but they also provide the kind of “me time” activities that are fun and rewarding.

You can can learn more on our art classes page and our art lessons page. Hang out on our blog page for updates, announcements and weekly art talk. Welcome to Push Pull Arts.